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31 May 2005: Well - I've finally gotten around to creating a halfway decent front page for this site.
                     I hope you enjoy it.
The Madhouse
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The Madhouse:

The Madhouse is exactly what it's name suggests... this is a set of forums where you can meet and
interact with a number of very strange people.
WARNING! Foul language IS allowed, and our members have some very colorful vocabularies!

FracFan Forums:

The FracFan Forums are a set of forums primarily designed to discuss Fractal art. We have a leaning
towards the
Apophysis and UltraFractal programs so far - but are slowly trying to encompass other
graphics applications as well.
We pride ourselves in being a friendly, helpful environment, where people can come to get help, offer
help, or just shoot the breeze about our art - or any other topic that comes to hand really... lol!
We do not provide any free gallery space at this time - but images can be displayed via links in our
forums. We have instructions on how to do this in those forums.  

My Image Gallery:

This gallery is where you will find my attempts at art... My work is primarily created using Apophysis
(flame fractal application) - but I have been experimenting with other applications as well...
Feel free to browse, and leave a comment if any image in particular appeals to you (not required)

About Me:

This is where I get to introduce myself... lol!