About Me (tdierikx)
OK - here's a little bit of info about me (tdierikx)

My name is Tracey and I hail from Sydney, Australia.

I currently have 2 dogs, a pure adult male Rottie called Connor, and an adult Rottie/Pitbull mix
female called Zeddy. I used to have a beautiful female Rottie called Woosie, who sadly passed in
September 2004. I named this site in her honor.

Woosie was the embodiment of all that is good and wonderful in a faithful and loving companion. I
hope that this site and all that it contains can live up to her high standard... lol!

I have recently discovered Fractal art, and am totally hooked on it - you can see some of my work in
the Gallery here... and you can visit the FracFan Forums if you wish to get involved in that sort of art
and need any help. Our members are always willing to help out, and just love meeting new friends.

I have another forum here called the Madhouse - and let me tell you that it lives up to it's name!
Sometimes I think we are all quite insane in there... the use of foul language IS allowed in the
Madhouse, and our members do have quite a wide range of uses for such language. These forums
are not for the faint of heart! Do note though, all banter is generally in good fun, and no offence is

Well - that's enough rambling... enjoy yourselves!

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